Phil Agosta is intent on pursuing a “new generation of sound” for Detroit. Phil’s contribution to today’s dance scene is more then 20 years of underground techno and House parties as a deejay, it’s days spent in studio with the fathers and it’s hard work and dedication to the scene that make him one to watch!

Phil Agosta is intent on pursuing a “new generation of sound” for Detroit. Detroit is so well known for it’s unique brand of electronic music and the creation of techno, that the music can be qualified by the name of the city itself. Phil Agosta, looks forward to updating that iconic sound. A percussionist since (literally) age 5, instrumental beats made an early impression in Phil Agosta’s life. Studying music from age 7 along through college, with an emphasis on Jazz & Fuzion.

Phil Agosta grew to love and nurture his passion of life. But it was in 1987 when he heard one DJ at a local Club that made him realize what his calling really was. Says Phil Agosta, “Finding electronic music showed me there was a way to take my musical training and knowledge and be able to present it and perform as a one man show opened my eyes to a whole other world. I knew that this was going to be my musical calling. Since that day I haven’t looked back.”

Determined to make a name for himself, and to develop his own take on the Detroit sound, Phil honed his skills on turntables at some of the Motor City’s hottest nightclubs of that time, most notably Taboo, Cheeks, Motor Lounge, Bleu & Club Hollywood amongst the many popular Nightclubs that would come and go in Detroit. Yet like so much Detroit DJ talent, the artist would eventually migrate to Chicago’s thriving and storied late-80s and 90s house music scene, moving the crowd at legendary hotspots Excalibur, China Club and Industry.

But like many artists, the pull of responsibility and pressure to fit into society beckoned and Phil Agosta found himself in the professional world. He parlayed his entertainment industry experience into a career as an event marketing professional, working with an array of clients, from working with NFL players to brands such as CART, Unlimited Hydroplanes and notable others. But while he would only play for special events, in 2002 Phil Agosta realized that he needed to follow the instincts of his artistic passion: he wanted to be immersed in the music again. So he returned to his true calling in life, music.

Phil Agosta’s unique sound, known for subtle yet densely layered bass- and percussion-oriented compositions, that is reminiscent of 80’s old-skool and Detroit electronica, that little-bit-street, little-bit-Kraftwerky grown and sexy kind of groove, which curiously sounds more “right now” in this era than the “back in the day” of its inspiration.

Agosta has taken the attention of Native-Instruments by becoming a sponsored artist for their DJ Software division TRAKTOR. Phil has converted many of Detroit’s world famous Techno & House DJ’s to TRAKTOR. His endless efforts to help the DJ community never ends.

Phil Agosta is currently an artist on Kevin Saunderson’s Iconic label KMS Records. Keep your eye’s and ear’s open for some great things from this native-Detroiter.