Santonio Echols
Detroit Techno
DJ – Musician – Producer.







Santonio hails from Detroit, USA. He is an american Techno Artist, a Disc-Jockey who started shaking dance floors at 19 years old, and a Musician who produces Underground Dance Music since 1987.

With a career that spans 4 decades, Santonio has been there and done that. He has had many releases in plenty of recognized labels (FFRR, D, The Label, Tresor, KMS, etc) under several aliases; one of his most recognized work is “Rock To The Beat” by “Reese & Santonio” on KMS Records (US), but a true connoisseur of Detroit Music will find that many of his or her favorite records have Santonio hands involved.




At the time of this interview, Santonio is part of The Four313

The Four313 is a DJ Collective of Detroit Techno First Wave Artists who are currently on tour, writing kickass new tunes, and putting them out on their new label simply called “The Label” (UK).



D Records




Santonio is also currently releasing heavily for D Records (GER)

and you can find his music -Worldwide- in all quality Vinyl Record Stores and Digital Outlets.






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The Tune in the background of the interview is the following:

Title: Magicgrooves
Artist: Santonio Echols
Label: Soiree Records International (2015)
Future Ambience EP



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