DJ Qu is coming to Detroit on Saturday for his first gig in the city. This is the perfect occasion to introduce you to this iconic DJ from New York.

Native of New Jersey, DJ Qu has a unique sound that became one of the most appreciated in Europe. With his fellow artists Jus-Ed, Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole, they proudly wear the NYC colors and developed a sound that is inspired by the huge clubbing history of New York, with a twist of contemporary vibes.

Naturally – maybe because of this clubbing history, Qu started by dancing, urban dancing, then DJing. It’s only later that he came to produce as he explained in an interview for Fabric: It was more of an urban dance type of thing, think of b-boy or break beat I’m sure you know what breaking is, it’s an urban cultural dance that we did but we did it to house music and it was a club thing. Dancing was my way in and I would say I started DJing in 1989, with producing I only started in 2002 so I was a DJ before I was a producer.”

1989 was the golden year in NYC for clubbing, although the heyday of Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage was over, there were still plenty of clubs to go and dance in the Big Apple. Disco was almost done, house music already on its way and New York was the perfect place for it: In the late ’80s, early ’90s, in this area of New Jersey and New York, [house music] was everywhere. All you had to do was go outside. You couldn’t run from it. I’m sure there are old records from that time that I’d play now for my mom and she’ll remember those songs, just from hearing them on the blocks. People would be riding past in their cars, playing it out. You were kind of dragged into it.”

During the 1990’s, while going out and discovering more music, DJ Qu developed his DJing technique before starting to produce in the early 2000’s. His first record was released in 2005 and the artist has released two LPs since then, one in 2011 and one last June, as well as many EPs. His artistic career is a good reflection of his sound, as DJ Qu does things the way he intends, without having to placate any outside interests. His deep house is rich, sometimes soulful, sometimes more energetic but with this knowledge he feels the crowd and gives the dancers what they want. His record label, Strength Music Recordings, is the perfect musical tool for his creativity and his liberty. The label compiles most of Qu’s recordings and we invite you to check it out to learn more about the artist and his sound.

In Europe, these past few years – almost decades, DJ Qu and his New York friends became a unique sphere of the New York sound to which people love to listen and dance. When Fabric asked him what the difference was between them, here’s how the artist answered:We all have our own distinct sound but how much does it have to do with them? We met each other within the last decade and we all had the same stories when it comes to how we all got into the music so that’s our connection, the love that we had for this music. And it just made sense. Thanks to Jus Ed for connecting us all together, he was the connecting point for all the artists.

But I would say you know that’s what my music has in connection to theirs and vice versa, is that we had the same singular story even though we do walk different paths, but when it comes to the music that’s the connection. Music brings people together from all walks you know.”


DJ Qu will play his first Detroit gig at TV Lounge this Saturday, invited by one of Detroit’s deep house legends, Delano Smith. Detroit artist Haz Mat is joining the lineup and will play his analog show live.
Find more information about the party here.