dsr-villoDJ ViLLO’s first approach to DJing was at a tender age, when he began trying his hand at his junior high school classroom parties in the nineties. These gigs quickly escalated to a mobile sound system that catered events from teacher’s weddings to High School Prom parties and such.

A natural progression went towards Clubs and DJ mixed shows for local and regional FM stations. Growing up in Florida as well as Mexico, he was exposed to many different kinds of Dance Music from an early age.

After a while, and through some personal growth, Villo started creating his own electronic music, and consequently DJing only at Raves and Underground Parties, where he could play what was now his signature Underground Sound, as well as having a stage for his own Techno Music, released under his own imprint Purple Star Recordings.

In 2000 Villo joined The Balance Promote Group, alongside Jimmy Van M and Chris Fortier, where he became assistant to the Balance Record Pool Director Fortier, and handled day to day business for the Record Pool. When Fortier left the Record Pool in 2003, Villo became Director until the Company disintegrated in 2008.

Villo created CMF Music in 2009, and Jackalope Music in 2013 as outlets for the new sounds he was producing. The first full length album with Constantly Moving Frames arrived in 2014.

Villo currently runs the two labels and a few monikers with tracks out, always keeping busy in the studio producing one thing or another.

With Radio shows on FM stations, Internet, and Satellite Radio throughout his career, Villo is delighted to join the distinguished ranks at DEEP SPACE RADIO in 2016; With the new weekly hour long show: JOURNEYS, every Sunday at 12pm (noon) EST/USA (GMT-5) and Wednesdays at 6pm Detroit/Orlando time on www.deepspaceradio.com